RANDOM-IZE Intl. Unstable Media Art Festival 2024.
RANDOMIZE Intl. Unstable Media Art Festival, an international art exhibition, presents
the mobility of unstable media art and shows visual experience and its difference
though the assistant of new technologies. It constructs a new look of unstable media
art and also outlines the development of the modern tendency in media art. Ater the
digital revolution, unstable media art has been permeated people’s everyday life,
affects out sensory simulation and creative thinking, and provides diverse possibili9es
and energy in the art making process. Today, artists are able to create new sensory
experience and to shape the aesthetics of unstable media art by using new media
technology, and further extends to the characteristics of dynamic image, interac9ve
machine and new audio-visual technology.
Facing the issues of transcoding and representation of unstable media art, including
digital audio and video, virtual reality, augmented reality, video art and media
installation, artists choose digital images as presentation methods. Audience can feel
the transformed meaning behind the flat projection. It is worth noting that this thin
layer of image separates viewers and image presentation, but reflects the dialogues
between artists’ intention and viewers’ reaction in this field of image, resulting state of
obscurity, isolation and distribution. Ater artists outline the imagery context, reaching
viewers’ immersive interaction process, this abstract image layer creates le pli of
unstable media art under linguistic context.